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Final Project Examples

The following are documentary videos from previous semesters that describe the final projects that students created. The objective of this project is to provide students with an opportunity to design in a futuristic setting where they can be creative and explore design from a variety of perspectives (art, design, and HCI). As equally important as this, however, is actually testing out a design in a real world setting and getting critical and reflective feedback on it.

Videos describes the designs and also their one week deployment. The theme was to design for the home or family life where you cause critical reflection on society. The design was placed in a home for a week where the household members were not told what it did.

  • Smart Box: don't forget stuff when you leave home
  • (R)emote: connecting couples over distance
  • teru teru bozu: remind yourself of your far away relatives
  • Peak Clok: keep track of news around the world
  • A Thousand Paper Cranes: share your goal progress with family members
  • Convorb: trying to get family members to talk more to each other
  • Food Play: get family members to talk more at dinner (a great example with NO programming)