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These are final project examples from Fall 2013. The goal was to create a speculative design and deploy it for one week with a household where the users would not necessarily know the goal of the design to begin with it. Instead, the design was supposed to reveal itself throughout the week.

All of these projects target an issue in relation to cancer prevention. The goal is to have a person use the design for a week and reflect on the type of cancer in question or its cause.

  • InHale: a critical design for hookah containing lungs that deteriorate
  • The Dark Void: alcohol's tie to cancer for teenage girls
  • Toasting Booth: a toaster that looks like a tanning bed
  • Snapshot Cigarettes: a specially designed cigarette pack that shows images of life events that one may miss out on
  • Cigcaurettes: a specially designed cigarette pack that tells the story of a cancer sufferer
  • Smokers Candle: a design noir candle focused on second hand smoke
  • Can You Feel the Sun: a new sunscreen bottle that warns people about UV exposure
  • Cindy: a cigarette dispenser tied to social media