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Design for Developing Nations

The following are videos of projects focused at designing for developing nations, done in Spring 2012. Students also had to deploy the design to a person or household in a developed country and have them use it for a week in order to gain critical reflection on their life and life in a developing country.

  • LAVO: a toilet for women in developing countries
  • Mobile Blackboard: a foldable blackboard that can connect with other similar designs
  • Tote-all: a backpack designed to be used for modular carrying
  • Wottle: a self-filtering water bottle
  • Travel Pack: a flexible pack for carrying various items
  • Food Storage: an alternative to underground food storage
  • Solarain: a water collection and solar purification system
  • Collect-a-bin: a basket and collection mechanism for garbage
  • Singulus: waste collection basket with compartments
  • Solair: a solar powered fan
  • Bikeboard: a board attachment for a bike for carrying additional people
  • Bike Clamp: a clamp for attaching parts to bicycles