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Design Noir Projects

The following are videos of Design Noir projects created in Spring 2012. The goal was for students to create a design that would cause people to reflect on life or death.

  • Heart Locker: a pulsing heart shows you the heart rate of remote friends or family
  • Your Family is Dying: a digital table displays a family tree that is affected by the presence of family members
  • Tie to Death: a tie tightens around your neck each time you enter an area of high crime
  • Harvester: a lamp that requires you to cut yourself in order to keep it on
  • Radio Bit: a radio that plays obituaries
  • Tesla Toaster: a toaster that requires electrical shock to get your toast out
  • Waer Bracelet: a bracelet that shocks you if your heart rate is abnormal
  • Code Blue: a lamp device that you need to push every 48 hours to keep your pulse going
  • Vacuus Utero: a tea leaf holder that causes you to reflect on abortion
  • Danger Zone: an app that detects your current location and weather and tells you how risky it is
  • Last Entry: a diary that you record your last entry in each day
  • Driving: a GPS device that shows the dangers of driving while driving
  • Morbid Geolocator: an app for friends that shows morbid news based on your location and warns your friends of your location
  • Hydria Requiem: an urn that plays back the last thoughts of the deceased
  • White Void: a breathalyzer test for smokers linked to a picture frame