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You can score the following Experience Points (XP) which can be used to level up in the game. You start with 0 XP points and this increases as you gain knowledge from clues, present yourself and your design knowledge, solve riddles and puzzles, and complete challenges. For each activity you complete, you can earn any portion of the XP listed, depending on your effort and quality of response.

Like any game, new opportunities to earn experience points may emerge at any time.

1. Individual Assignments 40% (4000 XP)

Mini Cultural Study - Reflect on one's existing practices and culture on a specific topic (maximum 1000 XP)

Design Fiction - Complete a design fiction scenario and video (2000 XP)

Riddle Questions - Each week you will have assigned readings and will have to complete questions about them online. You will be graded on two weeks during the term. You won't know ahead of time which weeks I will grade. I will give you feedback after the first one such that you can apply this understanding for the second one. Each of these weeks is worth a maximum of 500 XP each. (500 XP x 2 weeks = maximum 1000 XP)

2. In-Class Exam 30% (3000 XP)

Exam - tests your design knowledge, ability to think critically, and skills at creating speculative designs (maximum 3000 XP)

3. Group Projects with Individual Grades 30% (3000 XP)

Final Project - Complete a final project in speculative design that includes a field deployment (3000 XP)

Note: Students must get at least 50% in each of the above three components of the course in order to pass the course.