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Aside from the typical rules that normally follow classroom etiquette, I have a few additional rules that all students should abide by.

1. Time: Classes start on time. This includes labs, even ones starting at 8:30 am. I will not wait for people to arrive and nor will my TA. It is disrespectful to me, my TA, and the other students who do arrive on time. So respect everyone's time and be to class on time. If marks are being given out in a class and you have arrived late, you will not receive them. If you arrive late, depending on the time and our activity, I may simply ask you to leave.

2: Technology: I fully respect that classrooms have changed over the years and it can valuable to use a laptop or another electronic device during class. For example, sometimes it can be helpful to look up terms, look at the course web page, take notes, etc. I am fine with you using technology for such purposes in class; however, while using it, you must still be paying attention.

If I catch you using technology for purposes not related to the class, I will ask you to leave the classroom.

Overall, I am a really nice guy - respect my classroom, and you'll find out.