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The Goal: As you compete in Spec, your goal is to earn points to level up to become a speculative designer.

Game Play: You must attend weekly clue presentations in both lecture and lab, complete challenges (assignments and projects), solve riddles (weekly reading questions), and complete a comprehensive puzzle (quiz). As you perform these activities, you will earn Experience Points (XP) that will help you level up and become a speculative designer.

Reward: Your collected XP will also determine your letter grade at the end of the course. As you collect XP, you will level-up, starting at Level 0 and working your way towards Level 20. You can receive a maximum of 10,000 XP. XP maps to the grade distribution in the course outline, but this may change based on student performance.

Titles: To be a speculative designer, you will need to understand the three fields of HCI, Design, and Art, and incorporate aspects from each or reflect on each. You will move through ranks in each of these areas as you work to achieve the title of Speculative Designer.

LEVEL 20, A+Grand Master Speculative Designer9500
LEVEL 19, AMaster Speculative Designer9000
LEVEL 18, A-Senior Speculative Designer8500
LEVEL 17, B+Speculative Designer8000
LEVEL 16, BJunior Speculative Designer7500
LEVEL 15, B-Senior Artistic Designer7000
LEVEL 14, C+Artistic Designer6500
LEVEL 13, CJunior Artistic Designer6000
LEVEL 12, C-Senior Artist5500
LEVEL 11, DArtist5000
LEVEL 10, FJunior Artist4200
LEVEL 9, FArtistic Intern3600
LEVEL 8, FSenior Designer2800
LEVEL 7, FDesigner2000
LEVEL 6, FJunior Designer1300
LEVEL 5, FDesign Intern800
LEVEL 4, FSenior Usability Engineer500
LEVEL 3, FUsability Engineer300
LEVEL 2, FJunior Usability Engineer100
LEVEL 1, FUsability Intern0