Final Paper for Designs

If you did a design for your project (e.g., you built a system), your final paper should include the following sections (and your presentation should similarly mirror them):

1. Introduction:
Summarize the research space that you are looking at and illustrate why it is important. Describe the goal of the work. You can and should take the introduction from your Literature Review paper and rework it for this paper.

2. Related Work:
Describe the related work in the area of your project. You should take your literature review and condense it down to approximately one page in length.

3. Design Principles:
Describe what principles your design is based on. What did you know you needed to include and why? (e.g., it needed to be flexible to use, it needed to support feature X). Use related literature to back up your principles as needed.

4. Design Evolution:
Document the design and its evolution. Use text and visuals. Explain why you designed it as you did (e.g., motivation, rationale). Show how the design started, what stages it evolved through, and what the final design looks like. Also describe how the design would be used by someone (e.g., provide a usage scenario: Sally walks up and touches the tablet to begin the application. She selects…)

5. Discussion:
Discuss your work. Include between a half-page and one page of thoughts about your work now that it is complete. Critique the design: do you think it is good/bad? Does it match your original design principles? Answer the question: “so what?” Now that your work is done, what does it mean? Why is it important? What is still left to be done?

6. Conclusion:
Summarize your project and your overall findings.

7. Reference List:
Include a list of the papers you read for your related work. These should be cited in the document according to their number in the list. The list should be organized alphabetically by the last name of the first author on each paper. The format of the references should follow the samples in the ACM CHI Conference format document.