Course Work

1. Project Proposal (10%):

Students will propose two to three potential research topics that they are interested in studying as part of the course and document these in a short project proposal. Project ideas will be evaluated and discussed with the instructor and must be approved.

2. Literature Review (20%):

Students will conduct and prepare a short literature review of work in their selected course project area.

3. Project Plan (20%):

Students will create a detailed project plan that outlines the specifics of what they will do for their project.  For projects that involve conducting a research study, this will involve creating a course ethics application. For projects that involve designing a technology, this will involve, for example, sketches, design scenarios, and descriptions of what is being created.

4. Final Paper and Project (40%):

Students will complete a major project that studies a particular instance of domestic practice or involves the design or evaluation of a domestic technology. Students will document this project by writing a conference-style publication and presenting the work through a conference-style presentation in front of the class.

5. Class Participation (10%):

Students will actively contribute to classroom and online discussions about course material.