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Assignment 4: Workshop Critique / In-Class Presentation (15%)

The goal of this assignment is to practice analyzing a research problem/topic and creating a research design from different methodological traditions including a compare/contrast reflection. You will generate and present a research study at a high level for one of three assigned research topics, problems, or phenomena by looking at and presenting a worldview, research design, methodology, ethical concerns, validity, and use of theory.

Research Topics:

1. Interaction in 3D Spaces: Large interactive wall displays are creating new paradigms for individuals and groups to interact with large amounts of data. However, the challenge is that traditional methods for interacting with large wall displays such as a mouse and keyboard no longer match the design context. One interaction approach is the use of touch: single or multi-finger interaction on a touch-sensitive display. Explore how you can study fatigue effects from using touch interaction on large wall displays.

2. Technology for Preserving Cultural Heritage: Cultural groups typically want to preserve their intangible cultural heritage, cultural knowledge passed on between generations. Museums have historically performed this role and now we are seeing an increasing role for technology to play in such practices. Explore the topic of how Indigenous peoples think about and have historically kept records of their cultural heritage, along with how they feel about present day technology that might help preserve their cultural heritage.

3. Design for People Suffering from Chronic Pain: A growing number of people suffer from chronic pain, pain that persists over months or years. People with chronic pain may have a difficult time completing their normal day-to-day activities and they can also become socially isolated as a result. Explore how researchers can create technology interventions for people suffering from chronic pain.


1. Select one of the above research topics. You should choose the topic that you feel you would learn the most from studying and doing the assignment on.

2. Create a presentation with slides of less than 10 minutes that presents a research study methodology to study the selected research topic. Your presentation should show the selected worldview, methodology, research questions, methods, ethical concerns, validity, and use of theory (you don't need to find examples of theory, just desccribe how you would use theory in a general sense). Provide rationale for why you have selected each of these.

You can and should include images or video within your presentation. Your slides should also include speaker notes of what you will say for each slide.

3. In class, we will split into groups (3-4 students per group) where you will present to your group members and critique the presentations. You will work together to produce the best presentation.

4. In class the following week, you will present your final group presentation of less than 10 minutes. Presentations will be done as a group.


Each student should email her or his files to prior to our presentation workshop class.

The one page critique should be brought to class, on paper, the following week in class.

As a group, you will submit the final presentation as a file over email to

Assignments over the length limit will receive a penalty of 10% or only be graded up to the length limit, at the discretion of the instructor.


Individual Slides (5%)

  • depth of content (4%) - did you show effort in trying to answer all points in your slides? I'm not necessarily looking for all right answers. The "right" answers will come from working together as a group to come up with your final presentation. Right now, I'm looking for effort.
  • critique (1%) - did you provide relevant and detailed feedback for all of your team members' presentation slides?

Team Slides and Presentation (10%)

  • worldview (1%)
  • methodology (1%)
  • research questions (1%)
  • methods (1%)
  • ethical concerns (1%)
  • validity (1%)
  • use of theory (1%)
  • teamwork (1%) - did you work to ensure everyone played a part in the presentation?
  • slide quality (1%) - are the slides visually compelling? did you include visuals to demonstrate your points?
  • speaking quality (1%) - is the speaking lively and clear? (this will be individually based)