Samarth Singhal (MSc)

Born in the Land of tandoori chicken, naan breads, samosas and biryani. My name is derived from a Sanskrit word – समर्थ (Samarthe) meaning Lord Krishna; A powerful man; one who is efficient.

I obtained my Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering from India. My major project was on adding a new dimension to learning using augmented reality. Developed a tool for teaching chemistry to high school students, allowing them to better visualize spatial relationship between molecules and help them understand how molecules form using augmented reality and a tangible user interface.

I decided to quit my job at Infosys as I was tired of solving problems for clients through coding solution. I started feeling disconnected from my creative roots and sought out a technology-related program that would help me design and develop novel ways that can enhance the practicality and reach of interaction technology. This led to me to the doors of School of Interactive Arts and Technology.

I am an MSc student in the Connections Lab working under the supervision of Dr. Carman Neustaedter. I am interested in designing systems to facilitate better video chat for sharing major life events over distance to enhance their experience and exploring the use of video chat during outdoor activities to share their parallel experience.