Rui Pan (MSc)

My Chinese name is 潘睿 (pinyin: Pān Ruì). I found it’s hard for people to pronounce my last name ‘Ruì’, so I picked ‘Ray’ as my English name and it just sounds the same.  I obtained my Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. During the college years, I went to National Taiwan University of Science and Technology as exchange student in 2012.

I took the Mitacs Globalink Research Intern at SFU in 2014. After spending a splendid internship time in cLab, I decided to join here as a Master student. My research area is focused on how interactive systems can help people communicate better. I built an online information sharing platform for families called the Family Board and published a paper to CSCW2015. I am also interested in the role of computer games and video chat softwares in people’s communication.  


Personal Website: (Yes! HTTPS)