Carolyn Pang (PhD)

Digital Government and Community Engagement

My research explores the history and culture of government agencies to provide some context and understanding around the emergence of digital government and open data, often combined and considered synonymous with open government. My interests surround the barriers government agencies face with deploying new technologies to support citizen engagement and participation.

Using my background in computing science, I am applying the theories of human-computer interaction and user-centred design principles to design, develop, and evaluate an innovative prototype for cities to use in public spaces. This prototype will consist of a mobile application and a large, interactive public display to encourage users to explore their neighbouring communities, learn about upcoming events and developments, and engage with others to share information.

Drawing from literature on the evolution of government, social capital, citizen engagement, and community systems, my research presents the intersections of this background information along with considerations for content, interface, and interaction for the design of public displays.