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Weekly Social Media Postings

Join the Facebook group called: IAT 887 Domestic & Social Computing. We are going to use it as a medium for social discussions about paper readings. You need to join the group before the second class.

Each week, after you review the readings, create an entry that documents your thoughts on the readings and how they relate to your own experiences, projects, etc. You only need to do one entry per week (not one per reading). This way you can pick a theme within a single paper or across several papers and discuss it. To show your participation in the course, you should also read and comment on the posts of other students occassionally.

Note: some weeks will require you to answer a specific question or series of questions listed in lecture. If none are given, provide your thoughts as identified above.

We will use the Facebook posts as a focal point for discussions in class about each week's lecture topic.

Submission deadline: Monday, 11:59 pm each week (the night before each lecture).