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Case Study

Create a 20 minute presentation of your literature review and course project topic and present it to the class during lecture. The presentation should show what research been done in the area of your topic. Be prepared to answer questions about the topic and lead discussions amongst the class.

Content: Your presentation should briefly introduce the research space and then document the papers that you have read. Summarize each paper and include details on:

  • the topic of focus
  • the paper’s study or design method (e.g., interviewing 18 people, designing a system using participatory workshops, conducting an experiment with 20 people)
  • the main findings
  • the importance of the findings
  • your view of the work and what its weaknesses might be or what areas it does not cover (a critique) (e.g., “While the paper provides a comprehensive understanding of how families in general use video conferencing, it does not specifically look at how older adults use video conferencing.”)

Submission deadline: Due in lecture during your selected Case Study Presentation. Email the presentation to Carman as a PDF file.

Evaluation: You will be evaluated on your ability to concisely present the research topic and related work in an engaging and entertaining fashion. You will be critiqued on both the content of the presentation and your delivery.