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Assignment 2: Short Paper and In-Class Group Discussion (15%)

The goal of this short paper assignment is to practice identifying and analyzing methodological approaches, research designs, and data collection and analysis methods for an existing piece of research.

Choose a paper from one of the three lenses of research:

1. Effective - experimental

2. Experience - observational

3. Creation - design or art based approaches

Read the paper, discuss it with your peers during class activities, and then write a report of maximum 1600 words that reflects on and analyzes the paper. You should format your paper according to the publication format usually used in the journals or conferences that you and your supervisor would typically submit to. You must also use the citation/reference style used as a part of these submissions. For example, I usually submit to the ACM CHI Conference, so I would the ACM CHI Proceedings format and citation style found here.

Your report should answer these questions:

We will grade you on each of the above plus an additional 3% for one's ability to write clearly and effectively.


Bring a paper copy to class of your report.

Assignments over the word/page limit will receive a penalty of 10% or only be graded up to the word/page limit, at the discretion of the instructor.

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