You will complete a number of assignments that are tied to the course content.

1: Ethics – Individual (5%)

You will complete the TCPS2 online tutorial on the ethics of conducting studies with people.

2: Controlled Experiment – Individual (15%)

You will conduct a controlled experiment assessing one or more factors within a design. You will create an experimental plan including hypotheses and variables.  You will then run the study, analyze the data using inferential and descriptive statistics, and write a report outlining the findings.

3: Affective Evaluation – Individual (15%)

You will conduct an affective evaluation of a video game (e.g., NHL 2019) using the cued debrief recall method and the intrinsic motivation inventory (IMI) questionnaire.  You will assess emotion and affect during gameplay.  You’ll analyze the study data and produce a report outlining the findings.

4: Evaluation Project – Group (40%)

You’ll choose a real world design evaluation problem (e.g., Company X wants to evaluate Product Y), create a study plan that selects an evaluation method based on a company’s needs, critical assesses the method and provides rationale for why it would be used rather than other methods, and documents all stages of the study.  You will then conduct the study and produce a report for the company.